Well, 2013 has started with a flourish. In this last week I have posted out two short story competition entries, scribbled a few ideas for future projects and finished editing my erotic anthology. Okay, it still needs some tightening, and the characters in two of the stories are behaving, or misbehaving, in the way I don't want them to, but I thought you might like to read an excerpt from one of the stories I am happy with.

The Fantasy Girl anthology features Eleanor, a girl who will act out your fantasy for a price. Unfortunately for her, that price comes at the expense of love and commitment....or does it?

I'm hoping to publish this some time in March, and have ideas for more in the series. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek and feel free to leave any comments....

                                                                   THE EDITOR
    Eleanor felt sorry for Daniel.
    It must be so difficult caring for someone with whom you've shared your life ands dreams with for the best part of twenty years, knowing that, from now on, they will be trapped in a damaged body. Eleanor admired him for that. He hadn't turned and run like a lot of men would. At least like most of the men she knew.
    She lay naked on the bed and watched as he stripped out of his clothes, meticulously folding each item and placing it on the chair.
    When she had told her flat mate about Daniel, Sue had cried. Most men would have jumped at the chance to indulge in numerous affairs. Daniel's disabled wife had issued him a free pass to fulfil his needs elsewhere. He could do so with a guilt free conscience.
    Not Daniel.
    He had needs, but he loved his wife more. That's why he needed her - The Fantasy Girl. He didn't want role-playing or fantasy sex. His fantasy, if that's what it could be called, was much simpler. He just wanted some good, old-fashioned loving. He needed to connect. To feel whole again. Above all, he needed the company of a woman who could make him feel like a man in the most basic of ways.
    Eleanor fondled her bare breasts and dipped her head, flicking her tongue over one of her nipples. Daniel joined her on the bed and lightly squeezed the other. He had soft hands. Warm hands. Gentle hands.
    Once, Eleanor had found a lump in one of her breasts. The consultant at the breast clinic had had hands like Daniel. Only she knew that Daniel wasn't a doctor. He was an editor for a well-known publishing company.
    That was why they always had to meet in this little hotel on the outskirts of town. Once, occasionally twice, a month he would call and arrange to see her. Some times they would spend the time talking without even having sex. Often, like now, Daniel didn't really want to talk. He just wanted to fuck. It really was as simple as that.......

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