Well, it's been another one of those weeks. One migraine later... I finally managed to apply the BOCHOK method and sort out my writing for the week. It didn't quite go to schedule....

The two short stories I'd hoped to write for a couple of competitions developed no further than mind maps and possible story lines. One of the manuscripts I'm working on is only half editted.

And horror of horrors!!!! I was in bed the other night and my mind suddenly switched onto a novel I had started to write last year whilst on holiday, and then abandoned on our return home.   Not only did this take my mind back to sunny Bitez. It also meant that I dived for my note book, (now kept beside the bed. Lesson learned there. No more scrabbling across the room in the dark, stubbing toes and waking hubby and the cat).

Now, you might think that I was pleased to be struck by that bolt of inspiration.  Well, I suppose I am. We have to be thankful for these wonderful epiphanies.  Unfortunately, it resulted in me ripping out the first ten pages, of the twenty I'd scribbled on my sunbed last year, the following morning, and deciding that a rewrite would work best. It also meant that I had to rewrite my synopsis and redo a mind map. Which brings me onto my question...

How much planning do you do when you're writing? Are you a precious writer? Do you cling onto every single word and paragraph? Every plan?

I have to say, I'm part organic as a writer. I never used to be. I used to just go with the flow. However, after two many midget gems, too much hair pulling out and far too many saggy middles, I now do some planning.

I do character profiles, mind maps and a synopsis. I also make a note of  each chapter content (for continuity). Of course, as you have just learned, this isn't cast in stone. Yes, it's a pain having to change something. However, this is where the sunshine shines through. I haven't touched that bit snippet of a forgotten manuscript since last summer, but obviously my subconscience has and, who knows, the new beginning might just be the glorious burst of sunshine I need to shift the clouds.

10/13/2013 11:30:01 am

Great blog post, thanks for posting this.

Jayne Sykes
10/13/2013 04:25:14 pm

thank you, and you are welcome. Glad you liked it :)


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