What a difference a week makes. Okay, I promise I am not going to moan and rant about the cold weather, (it is winter after all), but it was bloomin' cold and I hate snow, even if it does look pretty, unless you're shovelling it up. There done!

So, it's been a busy week. When I say busy, I mean that I have now seen Les Miserables twice and cried buckets on both occasions. I'm off to see it again this week with my bessie friend. Yes people, it is a fantastic film. It does Victor Hugo's book justice. Okay, you could argue that it simplifies the story somewhat. Hugo's novel is 900 plus pages and there is a lot going on. However, if you take out Hugo's wonderful explanations about history and observations on society and its people, well, you are left with a novel about love, faith and hope. And those are the things that make the world go round and life worth living...aren't they?

I also adhere to the belief that if you can use film and media to get people reading, or even interested in picking up a Kindle or a book, then it is worth it. Films such as Les Miserables have a big impact on peoples' reading habits, particularly the young. I'm not saying that Hugo's work is the easiest to read, but if you stick with it, it takes you on a fantastic historical and social journey through the wonderful characters and their trials and tribulations.

And isn't that what we writers aim to achieve? To give their audience a moment, however brief, to lose themselves in the story so painstakingly and lovingly created?

I spent most of my writing time this week editing the first 1,000 words of my latest romance novel so that I could submit an entry to a competition. The prize is the publication of the novel. As I was crossing out and then adding, then repeating the process all over again, I couldn't help but think about how much the language and style of writing has changed since Monsieur Hugo's day.

I love reading - a must for a writer- but I sometimes feel sad that a lot of todays books are, well, small. I'm not saying that they aren't well written or that they don't engage...they do. What I am saying, is that there is just something so wonderful in the works of  Tolstoy, Austen, Dickens, Hugo, Joyce, Bronte et al. Okay, I am a self confessed book snob and love a book that cold prop open 10 doors in one go.

And so I suppose I should head back into my little world of creativity and see if I can blast out a few more words. In the coming weeks, I am hoping to have more work to show you.  Until then, I would be interested to know what you think? What's your favourite book? Your favourite classic? Do you like little books or doorstoppers?

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