Okay, things are looking up. My dad came out of hospital on Monday. His heart is failing and he's on a cornucopia of pills and medication. However, he is a lot brighter and seems happier within himself. He's also back to his grumpy self when it comes to being advised what to do. That can only be a good thing!

I finally finished the last edit of my latest romance novel. Okay, the publication date has been set back because I haven't had time to work on it, but it is a stage further along. Now I just have to get a cover designed, format the work, and then it's ready to go. Watch this space!

I guess the writing world has been busily debating James Daunt's decision to sell and promote Kindles in Waterstones after he has previously called Amazon "...a ruthless, money-making devil". Yes, it smacks of hypocrisy. Or does it? Amazon has often been pilloried for its domination of the market, but does this make it the devil?

Personally, I'm hoping that Mr Daunt will use this opportunity as a means to help boost the sales of ebooks, as well as help Waterstones to stay open. Our high streets are witnessing the fall of too many good book shops.

I don't think that this deal will help the demise of paper books, at least I hope not. However many electronic books we choose to download, I don't think you can ever replace how good it feels to inhale the fresh scent and caress the virgin pages of a newly purchased book. Tis a thing of beauty.

Lastly, as the season of good will is fast approaching, ( it's been hurtling towards us since September if you take notice of the supermarkets and stores),  I'm offering my readers and followers the opportunity to snatch up my books at discount rates.

From now until 28th December, my romance novel "His To Command" is available at HALF price. Simply put in the code BH37K at checkout. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/120318

My second anthology of short stories, "Love Lines Volume 2" taking a light-hearted look at love, life and relationships, is now available to download for FREE until December 28th, if you use the code XJ22Z at checkout. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/126180
10/27/2012 11:55:52 pm

I'm with you. I still love the feel of a real book I hope they stick around. Looking forward to checking out your novel. ~ Peggy

Jayne Sykes
10/28/2012 10:52:13 am

Thank you Peggy.

10/28/2012 11:48:15 am

Delightful post!! I understand, having the same problems as he does--it's hard when you're healthy all your life and suddenly your're not and can't do all you once did. congrats on your wrting accomplishments!! visit my blog and leave a message --I'd love to have you there.

Jayne Sykes
10/28/2012 06:34:25 pm

Thanks Micki.
I've subscribed to your Blog. Great Website.


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