I was invited by a friend of hubby's (who is a vicar), to attend a show. Not a musical or recital, but a lighthearted look at life and Christianity.

Hmm, I went with a little misgiving. Although I'm a tolerant person, I don't particularly like having religion thrust at me. Don't get me wrong, I believe that everyone is entitled to think and have faith in whatever they choose, just as long as they do the same for me. Besides, I couldn't work out if he was trying to convert a sinner, or reassure a saint?!

Anyway, we had a lovely meal at his house and then set off....

And although I wasn't converted (yep, still a sinner!), the evening did provide some interesting ideas. So much so, that we ended up in the Wilson Hotel bar and spent almost an hour having a life and theological debate.

Basically, life is pretty much like a long distance race with 4 laps of the track. I reckon that I'm at the end of lap 2, with my trainer just squeaking into lap 3. I'm not sure that God is the answer to a more fulfilling life.... but self belief, self-confidence and self love definitely are. I don't mean that in any selfish way. It's just, if you don't believe in yourself and your writing, and don't love your writing, how can you expect others to do so?

And with that last thought, I'm now going to have a cup of caffeine, some Turkish delight, and curl up with a good novel. Ahh, the ultimate sins for a Sunday morning.


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