After my 7 hour writing session yesterday, today was a bit slower. It started well. Stan, who is now allowed out after a month of incarceration, brought me a lovely present...Not a mouse, bird or frog. No. Stan brought me a lovely piece of leftover pizza. He dropped it at my feet with such aplomb. That soon dissolved itno disdain when I extricated it from his paws and dropped it in the bin. I obviously have no appreciation for the finer points in life!

How do you get focussed when it comes to your writing? Once a month I try and visit a hypnotherapist. It relaxes me and gives me a much needed energy boost. Today I asked for help to shift my focus as I have a tendency to sweat the small stuff and get bogged down with all the minutiae.

How do you all keep grounded? Be good to hear your tips.

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