It's been a steady week, at least as far as my writing has gone. I've started editing the next manuscript I want to submit to a mainstream publisher, have managed to write a couple of short stories and have finished editing my latest anthology of erotic short stories. The latter, it has to be said, still needs some work. I don't know about you, but I tend to work on a project, then put it down when a draft is finished and work on something else. That way I can go back to it with fresh eyes. It's taken me a long time not to be so precious about the words I place on a page, but I'm getting there.

During one of my time outs I heard Colin Moynihan telling a journalist packed room that the British olympians are striving to match the achievements in Beijing and are striving to be fourth in the medal tables. Hmm...

I have to say, this incensed me. Yes, it's good to have dreams, and matching past achievements is good, but why not try and surpass them? What's wrong with aiming for Gold? Well, you might say, at least if we strive for fourth there's less hieght to fall from if we don't make it. Oh, and then there's all the joy and excitement if we actually get third or higher.

However, I have long held the belief that a lot of success is in the mind set. Yes, it's true, there has to be some degree of talent, but if you don't aim for success, what's the point? Oh, I know there are those who subscribe to the view that it's not about winning. it's about taking part. Yes, that's true. Whatever we do, we should be happy that we are a part of "something". All those athletes are proud to be taking part for their respective countries. Equally, they will be just as proud to WIN.

It's the same in writing. For example, if you write something and then never place it gently into an envelope, seal it with a loving kiss and pop it in the post box with fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed, then you will never get published. It's that simple. OKay, you might submit and still never get published. But..... Dream high. Yes, you might fall further, but why settle for less than the best you can be?

Fourth????? Aim for First. Aim for Gold. And if one publisher doesn't see the glitter in your prose well, at least you will have the satisfaction that you are aiming high and are giving your goals the very best chance they deserve. As my website says, if you want to soar with the eagles, you have to stop gaggling with the geese!

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