My hypnotherapist would tell me that I need "grounding". It's hardly surprising after the week I have just had.

Following a trip to the hospital, my dad was admitted on Wednesday with heart and lung problems. He seems a lot brighter now, and may even be home this next week. However, it has resulted in lots of travelling, lots of worry and very little else.

This is not to say that I am begrudging the time spent visiting my dad. However, it has illustrated to me the necessity and importance to utilise time.

Yes, like millions of others, I seem to spend a fair bit of time on Facebook. I even engineer a bit of "displacement therapy", and often find other things to do because I sometimes feel restless when writing, particularly if  I am about to begin a new piece of work. 

However, this last week has taught me that you really can snatch a brief moment to write something, (if you're not too boggle eyed from lack of sleep). Okay, I haven't physically sat at my desk and worked on my latest manuscript. This means that publication will probably be put back from November. But I have made notes in my notebook and scribbled a few ideas when I've managed to snatch a few brief moments. 

My dad has also turned into an advertising guru and has been happily promoting my work to nurses and patients alike. Good ol' dad - never waste an advertising opportunity, especially if it is free!

Yes, there have been many hours this week when I haven't known if I've been on this planet (hubby would say that's pretty normal for me!). However, for all the worry, I've learned a valuable lesson... there are enough minutes. Okay, they're not always there for the big stuff, but the little stuff matters too. And who knows? Maybe all those micro notes will turn into fabulous stories that someone else can read whilst they're sitting in a hospital waiting room, snatching a few quiet moments.
10/13/2012 06:08:10 pm

Hi Jayne,
I too spend far too much time on FB. I once wrote an entire 1,000 word article in a doctor's surgery but now I have my wretched Ipad to keep me occupied.
I only ventured into the social media to estabish a platform for my two books, which are due out in the UK next year. I'll probably never get time to write a third! My website is at Like everyone else, I really appreciate comments.

Jayne Sykes
10/13/2012 06:54:49 pm

Thanks Pauline. I will check your Site out when I get a free moment. Good luck with your books.X


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