This week has been another one of those weeks in which I achieved very little when it involved writing. I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours editing, but that's about it.

Hopefully, my dad will be out of hospital tomorrow and things can slip back into the usual routine. I might even get my next book out, just a little later than planned, by the end of the year.

I have now made a date to go see the, much awaited, "Skyfall". I will be diving into the local cinema (newly built at that) on Monday the 29th for the 11.00am showing. Can't wait!

What with hospital visiting and trying to catch up with everything in my own little world, I havn't very much to report. Stan the Cat brought us a burger, still in its wrapper, on Friday. He was most annoyed when we confiscated what remained on our hall carpet. I suppose it makes a pleasant change from balloons!

He also has a fixation with water and bubbles. As you can see from the picture above, he isn't shy about dipping the ol' paws. I'm waiting for the day when he decides to take a bath. Now that should be quite interesting.

Of course, the fact that we both seem to derive some pleasure out of a bubble bath brings me nicely round to my weekly writing tie in.

I may not have put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, this week. However, I have been reading the latest copies of the writing magazines to which I subscribe, and came across a fantastic writing opportunity. 

Words for the Wounded (W4W) is a new charity that is trying to raise money for the rehabilitation of wounded servicemen and women. It hopesto achieve this through writing competitions. The first will be launched on Armistice Day and the dealdine is D-Day 2013.  There is a small entry fee, but I think it is definitely worth paying. Not only is it an opportunity to flex your writing talent, but it helps a very worthy cause.

Personally, I can't think of a better way to kick start tour writing, and I will be putting pen to paper as soon as time, energy and hospital visits allow. If any of you would like to participate in this mutually benficial project then check out the Website: www.wordsforthewounded.co.uk


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