Well, I am quite excited. The 1st December will see the launch of my second ebook. I say second, it is actually my fourth, but it is the second romance novel that I have published electronically. Above is a picture of the cover. What do you think? Originally it was all black and white and I thought it looked too Gothic. However, with a splash of colour, it now looks a lot better and more in keeping with the premise of the novel.

I don't know if any of you fellow writers struggle with publicity and promotion. It has to be said, I'm not much of a go out there and throw yourself into the publicity whirl person. I do hand out cards and I do talk about my writing. However, I am a little self conscious. Of course, my friends are now chortling and rolling on the floor laughing at the mere suggestion that I am a wee shy creature. (I'm not scowling...honest).

My other ebooks have been released without much fanfare. This time, I would like to make more of a splash. I have created an event on my Facebook page and am, hopefully, going to put together a video trailer offering an introduction and taster to my work.

And then it's on to the next. As you know, a writer's pen is never free of ink and my mind is in a constant dervish of activity as my muse throws ideas around. My next release will be, all being well, an anthology of ten erotic short stories. The first drafts have already been written and I have received some good feedback and honest criticism of some of the stories I have offered up for opinions thus far.

This year has not been the best of years. There has been a lot of sadnessand emotional upsets, as well as family worries and personal tragedy. However, it will be great to see the end of it on a high note. Please come and drop by to my Facebook page on 1st December. It will be good to see you all.

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