Well, I now have two weeks off work. Actually, when I say time off, I really mean that I don't have to go and do my little part time cleaning job for a fortnight. This doesn't mean that I can take it easy like our cat Stan.

We usually jet off to Bitez on the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey. However, this year we are having a stay-cation. Okay, this opens up tons of possibilities- namely involving my writing. Why? Well, I'll tell you.

I have this theory that writers never, ever, get a day off. Even when you follow Stan's example above, your brilliant writer's brain never shuts down, and the characters in your head never shut up! When we go on holiday, I usually take a couple of notebooks with the intention of scribbling notes and observations in the sun, (of course, anything more would simply add to the luggage allowance and one that is, in my view, meagre enough as it is!).

Anyway, I don't have that problem this year and I fear that my head might just explode - not literally, of course. That would make a terrible mess and would distract me from my writing! However, I don't have to go so very far from my office. That means I can finish my edits without feeling guilty that I have jetted off and abandoned my characters to suffer the cooling evenings and shortening days alone.

Or does it? How do you switch off, if you ever do at all? I visit a hypnotherapist. I think I have mentioned it before. She does a wonderful job at helping me. As well as keeping me focussed, she also helps me to relax when I need to. I shall be paying her a visit this coming week.

Do you feel guilty if you don't write anything, or do you subscribe to the belief that your brain is always working, even if you're not aware of it? Let me know. I tend to go through phases of both schools of thought. Right now, I'm hoping to finish my current edit and take a couple of days out, at least. Of course, my notebook will be my trusted companion, whatever and wherever and, as it's my birthday on Wednesday, there's a perfect excuse to relax and eat cake!!

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