What can I say? I think the title puts it rather well. Although, on reflection, I think that funny is probably not the right word. Disastrous? Maybe. Clumsy? Definitely....

I had every intention of making it a week whereby my writing shone and I could sit back and roll in the happy delights of my success (not necessarily publication, but definitely progress on the editorial front).

Alas! I lost my eternity ring at the beginning of the week. That sent my mood and good intentions plummeting. Then the washing machine decided that it didn't want to work anymore. I had two days of feeling ill (living with IBS does that to you). Hubby decided to reverse my car off the drive. No real drama there, you may scoff. Well, no. Not unless you count the fact that he took the recycle bottle tub with him... the one he'd put there only a couple of hours before. Luckily, the only damage was to his pride, and not my rear bumper!

And my writing?

Well, I did manage to finish an edit on one of the three projects I currently have on the go. I even managed to get two short story competition entries out. Other than that, I seem to have spent a week shuffling abut the house, bemoaning the fates of my ring and the washing machine (now fixed).

However, a new week is fast upon us and I have had an epiphany. Eating midget gems and telling the world that I'm cogitating my next piece of art (when in fact, I'm sulking and trying to decide which movie I can stick in the dvd player), isn't going to produce anything fast.

So....keyboard here I come!! I wonder if hubby will mind if I stick him in a short story?


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